Practicing Mindfulness About Health with AVA Living Concepts  

In recent years, the term health-conscious has gained a positive reputation for promoting lifestyle shifts and diet choices that focus on one’s well-being more than their appearance. Families are also turning to low-carb diets to better manage weight and AVA Living Concepts has the perfect innovation that allows you to eat full meals and still enjoy white rice: the AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker.

While it is easier and more accessible to buy processed foods and sugary snacks in the grocery, nothing beats home-prepped meals when it comes to paying attention to your food intake and its nutrients. This is what makes the AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker different: it does not change the taste, texture, yield, and volume of the cooked rice.

Instead, it enhances the nutritional value of your rice by preserving its natural taste and texture while reducing the carbohydrate content by 43 percent. With seven cooking modes from normal rice cooking, low-carb rice cooking, mixed rice, soup, steam, and warm, there are no shortage of recipes that you can do with this powerful rice cooker.  

With the guilt-free factor of healthy low-carb rice, you are free to stock up on meat-heavy dishes or even indulge in desserts after meals. The AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker is designed to help you maintain a balanced diet without compromising on flavor or satisfaction. With this innovation from AVA Living Concepts, you can say goodbye to bland food and have a flavorful meal plan for the entire family.

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