AVA Mini Clothes Dryer


Product Highlights:
1. User friendly LED touch screen.
2. Internal and External Ventilation for full air circulation.
3. 15 minutes QUICK DRYING.
4. Triple Sterilization -Heat Sterilization,O3 Sterilization,UV Sterilization
5. Automatic Temperature Control – for efficient drying; keeps clothes fluffy and soft.
6. Delicate care function – for underwear and baby clothes.
7. Compact size but large capacity – can be put on a counter and portable
8. Low-noise.
9. Two-way operation to prevent winding, tangles, and wrinkles
  • Lint trapping method: Air inlet Filter / Air Outlet Filter
  • Anti-wrinkle system: Positive and Negative Rotation
  • Delicate Care: Underwear (low temp)
  • Drying Technology: Triple Sterilization
  • 5 Programs:
  1. Intelligent
  2. Quick (15min)
  3. Underwear (low)
  4. UV (High)
  5. Timer
  • Safety Controls: Double Temp, Control Safety Protection, Child Lock
  • Capacity / Volume: 1.8kg
  • Net Weight: 13kg
  • Machine Dimension: 54.3cm x 45.1cm x 50.5cm
  • Package dimension / CBM: 60.2cm x 50.7cm x 56cm / 0.17cbm
  • Gross Weight: 15kg
Experience exceptional care 】 Revolutionize your laundry routine with our portable dryer, offering 5 distinct drying modes for exceptional fabric care. From high temperatures to specialized low-heat cycles, it caters to a variety of fabrics and materials. Experience the ultimate in drying versatility and impeccable results.
【Intelligent System for Optimal Drying】: Achieve perfect drying every time with our intelligent portable dryer. The built-in humidity sensor adjusts drying time based on moisture levels, while the bidirectional stainless steel drum keeps clothes wrinkle-free. Experience optimal drying with ease.
【Safe and Child-Friendly Features】 Safety meets convenience in our child-friendly clothes dryer. With a 3-second press child lock on the control panel and automatic power-off, your little ones are protected. Enjoy peace of mind while keeping your family safe.
【Efficient Energy Use for Savings】 Experience energy-saving efficiency with our smart dryer. Featuring an advanced heating element, it accelerates drying while minimizing energy consumption. Enjoy savings without compromising performance.
【Designed to be Space Saving】 Perfect for apartments and condominiums, it’s lightweight for easy portability. Experience hassle-free laundry wherever you go.
【Better Wearing Experience: 】 Elevate your wearing experience with our high-quality stainless steel drum. With forward and reverse tumble functions, it ensures every corner of your clothes is dried while preventing tangles and wrinkles. Plus, our multiple filtration system effectively removes lint and hair for cozier, softer, and fluffier results.
【Safety first 】 Our compact laundry dryer is designed with overheat protection, ensuring automatic shut-off if the inner components get too hot. Enjoy peace of mind and a worry-free drying experience.
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