Weight management made easy

Maintaining a healthy diet is becoming increasingly difficult with the accessibility of indulgent food practically everywhere but reducing sugar intake can help mitigate various health risks in your maturity such as developing diabetes and fatty liver disease which is why establishing healthy weight habits for overall well-being and longevity is important even when you are in your early 20s.

It’s easy to choose fiber-rich food and low-starch pickings in your diet such as vegetables, legumes, and lean proteins because they are digested slower and can last you longer before going hungry but in a Filipino household, it’s difficult to skip rice because of the dishes in our cuisine. 

For those looking to decrease their sugar intake while still indulging in white rice, AVA has a low-starch rice steam cooker that reduces rice’s starch content by 50 percent. The precise temperature control and different cooking settings allows for the same texture of fluffy rice with its densest nutrients. 

After cooking using the low carb rice function, the drain tray of the rice cooker collects the water with starch and see how well it filters out the extra water, sugar, and carbs from your yield. What is also good to know is that the rice is not reduced from the original volume you put in the cooker. It still comes out fluffy and soft to pair with your dish. 

By prioritizing healthy lifestyle behaviors in your 20s, you can prevent a lot of health risks in your 40s and you’re set for a lifetime of wellness and vitality and when you’re equipped with a rice cooker that prioritizes weight health and nutrition, you can enjoy your white rice guilt-free while supporting your dietary goals and overall health.

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