Get untangled with AVA’s Cordless Electric Mop

There’s something about the appeal of cordless that makes cleaning less discouraging. For one, it allows you to bring the mop to any part of the house, even as far as nooks and crannies that do not have power outlets in them; secondly, the factor of being easy on the eyes because tangled cords are some of the most unattractive things to look at and time consuming to get sorted.

Although there is a wide variety of free-standing mops and vacuums in the market, there are only a handful of brands that deliver on what they promise and AVA is one of the best. The AVA Cordless Electric Mop is a high-powered spinner that works both in drying and wet mopping. With a powerful wiper, a built-in water-only tank, and adjustable handle, there is no floor stain that it can’t handle.

The wiper pads are good and gentle on your floors whether it’s made up of tiles, vinyl, linoleum, cement or marble—making sure that they don’t quickly dull in age. The spinning mechanism of the mop also allows your cleaning detergents to fully integrate into the surface and not just be swiped around. 

For a cleaning item that you will use daily, it’s best to stick to the best mops on the higher end. Being judicious about your home choices is not difficult when you understand what you need for everyday. Considering this, the AVA cordless electronic mop is easily one of the best buys you can make so it’s time to ditch the rags, brooms, and sweepers and make the switch to the AVA cordless mop


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