AVA Compact Countertop Dishwasher w/ UV-C Sterilization w/ FREE Dishwasher Powder Detergent, Rinse Aide & Dishwasher Salt (DSHMED-01)

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Product details of AVA Dishwasher Fully Automatic Compact Countertop:

  • Washing, Drying, UVC Sterilization, Storage in One. Compact size but large capacity to meet the needs of the whole family; user friendly.
  • Installation: Installation free on countertop OR Built-in cabinet
  • Function: Standard, ECO, Intense, Glassware, Rapid
  • Power(W): 1260W
  • Voltage(V): 220-240V/60HZ
  • Noise Level: 55dBa
  • Delay Start: 1-24 hrs
  • Capacity: 6 sets of tablewares (standard)
  • Water Pressure: 0.04MPa-1.00MPa
  • Washing system: bottom spray system
  • Control type: Touch screen control panel + LED display
  • Drying: High temperature drying
  • Sterilization: High Temperature with UV-C
  • Water consumption: 7.5L
  • Water supply: Direct to Tap with Quick Connect OR Self Priming Suction Pipe
  • Hose length: Inlet (1.5m), Drain (2.0m)
  • Product size: 550*500*450 (mm)
  • Package size: 580*585*530 (W*D*H): (mm)
  • Weight: G.W: 25KG, N.G:22KG
  • Customer Service no.: (+632)85843158


  • 1. Tempered Glass Door
  • 2. Strong Metal body
  • 3. For 6-place settings
  • 4. Easy to Read – Touch LED Display
  • 5 Washing Modes
  • ECO
  • Standard
  • Strong
  • Quick
  • 6. With Child Lock for safety
  • 7. Delay Start Timer
  • 8. UVC Sterilization and Disinfection
  • 9. Hot water for extra hygiene
  • 10. Water Supply Option:
  • Direct to Faucet with Quick Connect adapter hose
  • Self-priming (installation free) water supply option (unique)
  • 11. Mount as free-standing, NO installation required.
  • 12. Can be installed as built-in (cabinets)
  • 13. Automatic Detergent Dispenser
  • 14. Low Rinse Aid and Salt Indicators

NOTE: *Dishwashers are tested at the factory before they are shipped. If your new dishwasher has some water inside the tub, this is normal.


Six-place setting: the six-place setting capacity allows you to wash a variety of dishes (up to 10-inches in diameter) and includes a folding down rack shelf and a cutlery basket.

5 WASH CYCLES: With this incredible dishwasher, you’ll find the right wash cycle that works for you and your dishes. Our 5 wash cycles include: Normal, Intensive, Eco, Glass, and Rapid. Save water and time in the kitchen cleaning by letting this stainless steel dishwasher do all the hard work.

LED DISPLAY: Set your wash cycle and time with ease thanks to this intuitive LED display. Thanks to its easy-to-navigate electronic touch controls, you can see remaining cycle time and even delay start time. Child lock included with portable dish washing machine to secure maximum safety.

QUICK CONNECT: Hook up your must-have mirror front finish dishwasher with a seamless Quick Connect assembly, hooking right up to the faucet. No need for direct plumbing or permanent installation. With this portable dishwasher, you conveniently connect when you need clean dishes and disconnect when not in use.

SELF-PRIMING: No way to connect to your plumbing and your faucet is also not an option? No problem! The AVA Compact Countertop dishwasher is equipped with a self-priming suction pipe that can get water supply from a nearby container. No water pressure and no priming needed. Just point the hose to a bucket and your AVA dishwasher will do the rest.

IMPRESSIVE CAPACITY: This dishwasher is portable yet spacious. You can fit up to 6 place settings at one time. Plates, bowls, saucers, mugs, cups, wine glasses and utensils can be safely and securely positioned for a wash cycle of your choice.

OUTSTANDING DESIGN: The interior of this spacious portable dishwasher is stainless steel, guaranteeing immaculately cleaned dishes after every use. This AVA dishwasher fits on top of many countertops (46.2 lbs.) and stores conveniently in cupboards, pantries and kitchen shelves.

STERILIZES AND DISINFECTS: The AVA dishwasher is equipped with a UV-C lamp inside the interior compartment that kills 99.9% bacteria & Viruses in minutes for disinfection. The UV lamp will automatically turn on during the washing programs and will automatically turn off when you open the door for safety and protection of the user.

DETERGENTS: pods, liquid or powder detergents are all acceptable. It has special compartments that store detergents, rinse aids, and dishwasher salts for a mess free and fully automatic operation. It has a “low rinse aid” and “low salt” indicator to tell you when you are running low. It’s recommended to only use detergent tablets when running long cycles so the tablets fully dissolve.

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Our product is also available in Lazada

5 reviews for AVA Compact Countertop Dishwasher w/ UV-C Sterilization w/ FREE Dishwasher Powder Detergent, Rinse Aide & Dishwasher Salt (DSHMED-01)

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    I love the sleek modern design especially the tempered glass door, other brands are made of plastic. This one just looks premium! It has UV sterilization and 3 ways to put water. The customer service responds quickly to my questions and they even guided me step by step during installation. Im so happy! I even got a lot of freebies during the 12.12 sale!

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    So spacious! I can fit so many plates. I love the control panel! User Friendly! A big PLUS is the UV sterilization which keeps us safe [from] bacteria. I also thought of crushing my blocks so that they’ll dissolve quicker with short cycles. My plates are so clean and dry! Love [it]

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    Franco A

    This machine cleans really well and the and the glasses come out spotless. It has a UV sterilizer which other brands don’t have in this price range. Plus it has an excellent after sales support.

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    Andrew C.

    Price: Excellent! Got it on sale during 9.9 sale and came with freebies.

    Seller: Highly responsive and very helpful. Quick to reply.

    Delivery: I would have been willing to pay extra for same day delivery and better handling.

    *Life changing! No longer feel tired washing dishes and others. You just have to master the art of fully loading the dishwasher while ensuring everything can get sufficiently cleaned.
    *Water can be supplied thru a bucket so can still wash even when no water from

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    This is WORTH IT! It is my first time to have and use a dishwasher and I can tell you that it deserves all the stars!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Packaging is safe for shipping. a very generous pile of freebies from the 11.11 sale. This item is bigger than I expected. Fits alot of dishes. For a 1st time user, read the manual cover tocover. It has several options to choose from the shortest is a 25min cycle that consumes 1 bucket of water. And some come out ‘almost dry’ with a wave of sterile stream!

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1. How much plates can you put inside? - The AVA Countertop Dishwasher can accommodate 6 place settings. 2. How do you supply it with water? - It has 3 ways to supply it with water. A direct injection hose, a quick connect to the faucet, and a self priming hose to a bucket. 3. Can you supply it manually with water? - This model does not allow you to pour water manually, but it has a self priming hose that can suck water from a bucket or pail. 4. What is the largest plate that can fit inside? - You can fit an 26 cm diameter plate. 5. Do you need to use dishwasher salt and rinse aid? - Altough the unit can run and clean without salt and rinse aid, it is advisable to use these products. The dishwasher salt protects the unit from hard water, while the Rinse Aid keeps your plates and glasswares sparkling clean and protects it from water marks and scratches.