AVA Dishwasher with FREE 1kg Dishwasher Powder Detergent



Dishwasher Machine is also available in Shopee

AVA Mini Dishwasher w/ Extra Drying Automatic Countertop w/ FREE Powder Detergent Small Sterilizer Home Tabletop Dishwasher Machine

Innovative, independent,
no installation put anywhere, save space
no need drill No need disassamble cabinet no need tap

Small size, large capacity
Smallest dishwasher in the market, but larger 20%-30 than competitors

Free your hands save time, do what you want

Useful two-shelf Design
one for fork and knife, one for bowl and plate

Double spraying system
Top and bottom sprayers
ensure to clean dishes through full angles

Built-in intelligent tank
Intelligent up tank and water-in pressuring system
ensure high efficiency of washing


  • 4 In One, washing, drying, disinfecting and storage
  • Compact with large capacity; double shelf design
  • Plates up to 11” can fit
  • Cleans effectively with dual spray system
  • Drying: Dryer Fan + Residual Temperature
  • Easy to use, Installation Free / Plug and Play
  • 5 different washing cycles: Standard (69mins), Quick (29mins), Economic (59mins),Strong (89mins), Fruit (19mins)
  • Washing, drying, disinfection, storage in one, safe and healthy; delicate installation-free, that is, buy ready-to-use; small size and large capacity to meet the needs of the whole family; double shelf design, easy to use; double spray system, more effect.
  • Installation: Installation free / simple installation
  • Function: Tableware, cleaning, drying, sterilizing, storage; fruit and vegetable cleaning
  • Power(W): 900W
  • Voltage(V): 220-240V/50HZ/60Hz, 110V/50Hz
  • Capacity: 4 sets of tableware (standard)
  • Water Pressure: 0.03MPa-1MPa (with tap)
  • Washing system: Dual high water pressure spraying
  • Control type: Touch screen controlling + LED display
  • Drying: Natural drying/extra drying with PTC and fan
  • Sterilization: High Temperature
  • Water consumption: 5L
  • Water supply: with tank
  • 5 Cleaning models: standard; fast; ECO; enhanced; fruit
  • Product size: 428*425*458* (mm)
  • Package size (W*D*H): 530*525*570 (mm)
  • Weight: G.W: 15KG, N.G:13KG
  • Customer Service no. : (02)85843158

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