AVA x Large Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated Rinse Block (30pcs x 10g)



Dishwasher Detergent Concentrated is also available in Shopee

AVA x Large 30 Pcs Dishwasher Detergent Block 5-1 Concentrated Rinse Cleaning Dishwashing 10g Tablets Dishwasher Powder Dishwasher Washing block Get it Together Solves the Trouble of Washing Dishes Just put 1 washing block in the dishwasher every time you wash dishes – Protein – Dark stains – Greasy – Starch – Remove odor Development of Core Technology for Removing Water Marks – Tablewares look as bright as new – Eat with peace of mind – Protects dishwasher – Removes bacteria


-Helps soften the toughest food residues.
-Powerful cleaners remove even the toughest stains
-Each individually wrapped block provides a premeasured dose of detergent, eliminating guesswork and dissolves completely.
-Helps rinse away residues, eliminating spots and film for a sparkling shine.


-Net weight:10g/1Pc
-Package dimensions:12.5*5.5*12.5(cm)
-Scope of application: all dishwasher models
-Powerful decontamination
-Removes stains
-Deep cleanliness

Package Includes:

-30 Dishwashing block

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