5 Things Your Home Should Not Be Without

The ins-and-outs of your home is something that should always be personal to you. Its layout, vibe, and overall style should cater to your daily routines and rituals. For any young professional who has decided to move out and live on their own, here’s a quick briefer on the things your home should not be without.

  1. Closet space – A decent space for your clothing is required for anyone living on their own. It does not have to be a grand walk-in closet but a dedicated cabinet and drawer is enough to make getting ready in the morning easier and more convenient. 

    Pieces of clothing vary from fabric, style, and season so taking care of them is not confined to how you store but also in how you wash them. For example, inner wear, panties, bras, and sleepwear need a delicate wash and gentle dry because of its soft fabrics. Office blazers, button down polos and blouses should be under quick dry so as to prevent wrinkling from too much tumble in the dryer.

  2. Comfortable resting area – Whether for lounging around or sleeping, it’s important to make your resting zone a priority. Soft pillows, a good mattress, and upholstered furniture is central to having quality and restful sleep.

    As with clothing, the fabrics that come in contact with your skin and face should be washed regularly and good hygiene is promoted by changing your pillowcases, bedsheets, and blankets every two weeks. Another option is to throw them in the AVA Mini Clothes Dryer for a smart dry whenever you need them warm and cozy.

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  3. Basic kitchenware and tableware – Often overlooked especially in young professional’s living space, what you store in the kitchen will determine what kinds of dishes you would be able to prepare. Even if you do not plan on entertaining guests, you must invest in a good and stylish dinnerware, and silverware for yourself. 

    To take care of fragile plates, bowls, and glasses, the AVA Mini Dishwasher has washing, drying, disinfection, and storage functions in one small powerful unit. It sprays from all angles, ensuring that no leftover food builds up bacteria on where you eat.

  4. Storage Solutions – Practical homes are often organized and clutter-free, and the best storage solutions are the ones that hide in plain sight such as bins and baskets. Items that add to clutter also adds stress and lessens the calm energy. Having a place for everything in your house makes it a functional living environment.
  5. Entertainment hub – Don’t be fooled by its name, your entertainment hub can be as simple as your television with a good sound system or a gaming set-up with your computer. This is where you can unwind and recharge with your favorite TV series or plug your favorite console. It can also be a cozy single seater or recliner chair for reading, whatever floats your boat.

By incorporating these must-haves into your home, you can create a comfortable, functional, and stylish living space that suits your lifestyle even if you are just starting out.

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