A designer’s guide to a happy home

The home is not just where you retire to at the end of the day but it’s also a place for socialization when you invite friends over and a bonding place for the entire family. Even when you live independently, creating your environment should go hand-in-hand with promoting your well-being. That is why It’s important to foster happiness and encourage connection in your home. Here is what you should pay attention to:

Aesthetics – How your house looks is a reflection of who you are. This includes your choice in style, furniture, color scheme, and arrangement. Some bring life and freshness into their homes with indoor plants, some with dopamine decor, some with thrifted and unique pieces. These personal touches add personality and joy to your space.

Acoustics – It may be the last thing on your list but a joyful home is where conversations thrive so it’s important that you create inviting spaces where the family can gather while swapping stories and sharing laughter. You can control this by incorporating soft furnishings like rugs, curtains, and cushions to help absorb sound and create a cozy atmosphere. 

Having these in your house may seem equal to an overwhelming amount of maintenance but when you are equipped with smart solutions such as the AVA Mini Clothes Dryer that makes laundry day a breeze, investing in the soft textures in your house is hardly a choice.

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Organization – Simplifying and decluttering is not done overnight but a constant chore you have to incorporate into your routine. Unnecessary items often add to the visual chaos and can trigger procrastination but stocking up on basic cleaning supplies helps you get in the zone. Having a vacuum cleaner such as the AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner that does everything from vacuuming, mopping, and washing eliminates the need for a broom, mop, rug, and scrubs. 

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Building your most joyful home entails much patience and planning but the outcome is worth the work because a bright space brings in the right kind of energy into your home. With AVA Living Concepts, you get half the job done because of the ease and convenience its line provides. 


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