Make your kitchen liveable and functional with this dishwasher 

The kitchen has become a place for gathering—evolving from its primary function of preparation and cooking. Appearance plays a factor in the kitchen if it serves as a social area where kids do their schoolwork, and an entertainment hub when you host and receive guests.

Countertops have a huge impact on the look and function of your kitchen. As the daily prep area and major station in the kitchen, the decision of what to put in it should make sense in the layout and your cooking routine. One source of concern is always the space consumption of appliances such as microwave oven, and coffee makers. If you want to free-up the sink and save space from the cabinet system, you can get the AVA Compact Countertop Dishwasher. 

Taking up only 50 cm by 55 cm of your valuable counter space, this powerful dishwasher has the right wash cycle for every kitchen utensil and dinner ware you can imagine. Good dishwashers prevent bacteria build-up, keep plates and bowls scratch-free, and disinfect the kitchenware. 

If you want to keep your countertops as empty as possible, you can also have other dishwasher options installed like a built-in cabinet: the Freestanding Dishwasher and the Mini Dishwasher. Taking it a notch higher than regular dishwashers, AVA’s touch LED display, delay start timer, and child lock ensures that it operates seamlessly and safely for everyone in the household.  

Not only are AVA Living Concepts touted for their incredible function but also for the design impact. When you are equipped with AVA’s smart solutions in your household, the kitchen is where you would want to be.

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