Here’s why using table salt for your dishwasher is a bad idea

In essence, a dishwasher salt is sodium chloride which is turned into a grain-form. It helps refresh the water softener circuit so that the machine won’t be tough on your dishes. It also helps prevent the softener unit from clogging your dishwasher.

The dishwasher filler is a part of the machine that can be tricky to clean. If not taken care of properly, limescale can build up inside the fillers, resulting in a not-so-sparkly clean plate once you’re done washing. Luckily, salt dishwashers are made to help prevent limescale from building up in the fillers.

Dishwasher Salt vs. Table salt: The Difference

Salt dishwasher is different from regular table salt because of its consistency and chemical structure. It is important to note that a regular table salt would not function the same way as a salt dishwasher when you put it inside your machine. This is because table salt is not typically made from pure sodium chloride. Using table salt can clog the pipes of your dishwasher which can result in breakage of the machine, causing more harm than help.

Now that you know the difference between the two, here are five easy steps on how to properly use dishwasher salt as per AVA Living Concepts.

  1. Open the package of the 1 kilogram AVA x Large Dishwashing Salt.
  2. Open the salt case of the dishwasher which is inside the door of the dishwasher cabin.
  3. Fill the salt case with the AVA dishwashing salt (fully filled for long-term use, depending on the local water quality).
  4. Close the salt case and check the indicator light (light on indicates insufficient condition).
  5. Let your dishwasher do its job and now you’re done!

AVA x Dishwasher Salt is available for purchase on AVA Living Concept’s website, Shopee and Lazada pages.

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