5 easy living room cleaning steps for busy moms

The living room is one of your child’s favorite places to stay. After all, it serves an all-around spot where your kids can watch television, hangout, and relax. It’s a great place for recreational activities as well, including watching movies, playing video games and even a hangout spot for your kid’s visitors. The list of things that you can do in your living room is endless, making it one of the busiest and messiest places in your house.

This is only one of the many reasons why keeping your living room clean is essential. A clean living room means a happy and healthier family! So here are the five easy steps on how to clean your living room.

Step 1: Remove the unnecessary objects

Gather everything that does not belong in the living room area. Use a basket or a bin to separate the trash from your belongings that does not belong to the living room area.

Step 2: Return everything to its proper place

Sometimes after having a good time, you often misarrange the position of the objects inside the living room. Fluff the couch cushion, arrange the table, and put back the displays where it originally belong.

Step 3: Run the vacuum

Grab your AVA Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner and let it do its job. The AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner is designed to clean all types of floor and carpets. It is equipped with a strong and a powerful motor with a 180W suction power and is good for heavy duty usage.

Say goodbye to all the dust and dirt and keep the pests away with the AVA Wet and Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner.

The AVA Wet and Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner is available at the AVA Living Concepts Shopee and Lazada official stores.

Step 4: Clean the surface

Run a cloth or a dusting brush quickly on surfaces that accumulated dust. After that, for the glass, grab the glass cleaner and then spray it on your cloth.

Note: Make sure to dust first before using the cloth to clean the glass surface of the living room. Doing this would make your task easier and would also prevent the surfaces from accumulating lint all over the place.

Step 5: Enjoy

This is the most important step in the process. Go give yourself a coffee or a hot cup of tea and go relax in your sparkly clean living room.

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