Choosing the best mop for your home

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Mops have been a staple in everyone’s home. It is the go-to cleaning equipment from just regular spills to even the build-up of grime. And as you know, there are a variety of mops to choose from. But do you know which one is best suitable with the type of floor you have in your home?
In this blog, you’ll be introduced to some of the most common types of mops.
Flat mop

Flat mops are mops that are flat (of course), and are best for cramming into corners and reaching narrow spots like under cabinets, sofa, etc. Some come with a bucket, but there are other designs which have a built-in spray for extra convenience. With its slim figure, flat mops are easy to store. These usually come with disposable or reusable cloth, and are suitable for hard flooring including laminate and wood.

Upside: Great for reaching tight areas of the house.

Downside: Not the go-to pick for removing marks.

Traditional mop

The traditional mop, or otherwise called a string mop, is built for heavy duty cleaning. Its micro fiber cloth is very durable and would last long unlike flat mops’ disposable cloths. This often comes with a bucket. String mops are excellent for hard floors such as tiles and stone.

Upside: Durable

Downside: Too bulky

Sponge mop

Sponge mops are super absorbent mops that squeeze out as much moisture it can get to hasten the drying process of your flooring. Just like the flat mops, these are easy to store. However, sponge mops are prone to storing bacteria which can cause smell. Just make sure to clean it well after using.

Upside: Super absorbent

Downside: Can harbor bacteria and begin to smell if not cleaned properly.

Hassle isn’t it? It’s either you get one, then lose one with these mops. That is why it is super convenient to have a mop that would fit in with anything that you need in cleaning your home. And that is what AVA Living came up with.

All around mop

The AVA Cordless Electric Mop is a high powered motorized cleaning mop which makes cleaning floors way easier.

It is battery powered which lasts up to 30-45 minutes of cleaning time. It is cordless, lightweight and weighs only 3 kg; but most importantly, it is suitable for all types of floors such as tiles, hardwood, vinyl, marble, laminates, stone, etc.

Say goodbye to mop buckets as it also features a built-in water tank that can store up to 250ml of water.The AVA Cordless Electric Mop also comes with 4 reusable microfiber replacement mop pads for your everyday waxing and cleaning.

The AVA Cordless Electric Mop is available here at You can also get it at AVA Living’s official Shopee and Lazada store.

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