The Only Floor Cleaner You’ll Ever Need: AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is probably one of the most valuable and vital cleaning tools a person could own, especially for those more sensitive to dust and other allergens. And let’s admit it, we probably have more than one vacuum cleaner in our home, varying from size to function. True to our promise of providing smart solutions for your home, AVA Living Concepts recently launched our newest product:

The AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner.

Here’s a rundown as to why the AVA Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner is the only one you’ll ever need:

Using this will be the easiest cleaning experience you will ever have because, for one, it’s lightweight at under 4 kilograms. No struggle when moving it around your home. Feel free to get under every nook and cranny to eliminate all those pesky dust bunnies lurking under your furniture and hard-to-reach corners with the 180W suction power.

You also don’t have to go back and forth to empty the dirty water as you go. Our dual water tanks were designed to automatically separate the clean and dirty water. You can go from room to room without having to go back and refill the clean water immediately. The dual tanks also serve the dual purpose of going through an entire cleaning cycle without using any other cleaning apparatus.

Our Wet and Dry Floor Cleaner includes three stages in one complete cycle. It can vacuum, mop, and wash your floors in one go! An extensive process without the extra effort on your end, accessible with a touch of a button. There’s also our Smart Voice assistant prompter if you need additional assistance that reminds you when it’s time to charge the vacuum and refill the water tank. It even has an LCD as a bonus for more straightforward navigation. This smart vacuum also has an LED screen that displays your room temperature and humidity.

You’ll be able to get everything spotless in no time! An entire runtime for our floor cleaner can reach 35 to 60 minutes when it is fully charged. It also comes with a cord and rechargeable 4000mAh battery. Very simple to dock and charge when not in use.

When all the cleaning has been said and done, all that’s left for you to do is to press one button to activate the cleaner’s self-cleaning function. You can sit back when you’re finished and let our Wet and Dry Floor Vacuum Cleaner do its thing. Just make sure you can occasionally wash the HEPA Filter and Roller Brush every once in a while.

Now you’re good to go!

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