Let the AVA wet and dry vacuum handle your cleaning this Holiday

The key to surviving the holiday is to be equipped with the right help of AVA wet and dry vacuum. Being ready for the hectic season keeps every family gathering enjoyable and hassle-free. 

With the number of people going in and out of your house, there will be plenty of spills bound to happen. Some of the food during Christmas can be notorious for being difficult to remove. Tomato based dishes, pasta and lechon sauce, and all the desserts will not look pretty when it has stained your rugs and carpets. 

Spot treatment for the stains might work but the better thing to do would be to act instantly to clean up the spillage with the AVA wet and dry vacuum. The powerful motor of the vacuum can pick up liquids whether it is thin watery substances or those with lumpy consistency like cheese and gravy.   

When your floors get messy, you can simply take out the trusty vacuum to clean up and put it away afterwards. The digital display of the vacuum also helps you monitor its power, temperature, and battery. The visibility of water tanks also helps you see how much  water you need before cleaning and whether the dirty water tank is filled up to its full capacity.  

Clean up a little every day so it does not become a huge task. Instead of weekly deep cleaning, vacuuming nightly after the guests have gone is more practical. With the AVA wet and dry vacuum, you do not have to bend low to wipe away stains, you do not have to untangle long cords, and you do not have to remove and assemble the unit afterwards.  

When you can handle everything in your household, you can focus on the joy and togetherness this season.

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