A wet and dry vacuum to fulfill every mom’s wish list 

Moms can surely be a tough person to give to this Christmas, and there are endless gift guides  that would suggest lofty immaterial items such as the usual flowers and baked goodies but moms deserve only the best presents and the splurge-worthy AVA wet and dry vacuum is exactly just that. 

Owning an AVA wet and dry vacuum entails not having to switch cleaning utilities every time you spill something on the carpet like yoghurt, baby food, or even red wine. It also does not require you to change between nozzles, brushes, and heads— making it the truly universal vacuum cleaner. 

The microfiber roller brush is an innovation that amps up the quality of the vacuum. Because of the roller, it can clean almost any surface in your house including wooden and vinyl floors, tiles, marbles, rugs, and wide granite countertops. With this feature, you are assured that there will be no micro-dents and scratches that are the normal aftermath of rough mops and sweeps. 

This vacuum has plenty of perks but the thing that beats every other one in the market is its self-cleaning feature. After hours of cleaning, you would not want another round of clean-up specifically for the utilities you’ve used. This is why AVA Living Concepts has designed the vacuum to be self-cleaning. No more disassembling of the vacuum parts and the microfiber roller brush does not have to be taken out, washed, and dried. 

So for a practical gift that the moms in your life will surely appreciate, go for the AVA wet and dry vacuum. Only with such an appliance will you get your value for money and can last your household for years to come. 

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