Convenient pet parenthood with the AVA wet and dry vacuum

If you’ve ever lived with a pet, then you know how they react to loud noises and vibrations. Cats in particular are known for their hatred for vacuum because they are easily startled by all the wheezing and suction sound caused by the appliance

Cats and dogs have twice as sensitive hearing than humans and the motors of vacuums easily overwhelm them and the imposing size does not help to quell their distress. Domestic pets are more prone to this because of the enclosed space of your home. Yet, you can’t skip vacuuming in your deep cleaning routine because of all the fur and hair they shed on a daily basis. Enter AVA’s wet and dry vacuum, the all-in-one companion to make pet parents’ lives easier. 

With this vacuum, you can skip the sweeping part of clean-up because the vacuum’s motor is powerful enough to pick up the dust and grains left by food pellets. Cats, in particular, can get messy when it comes to their litter box, the litter sand can easily spread around the house which can easily cause annoyance to anyone who steps on it. 

But the best part about the AVA wet and dry vacuum is the minimal noise of its motor without compromising the powerful cleaning capacity, ensuring your pets are at peace even when you’re cleaning. The two modes can help you gauge between standard and strong, depending on whether your pets are in the same room with you. 

With the AVA wet and dry vacuum, you have a powerful suction to take care of all your pet’s messes and you can confidently keep a tidy house without having to move around as much and disturb your dogs and cats. It’s nothing short of a smart investment if you want pet parenthood to be more convenient. 

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