The Power of a Well-Managed Home

AVA Living Products – Being a working mom can feel like a balancing act. Between managing the myriad of tasks for work and staying present at home, it’s difficult to have a good disposition for your family but much of what takes time in the household can be solved by electric helpers that fit seamlessly into your routine. 

Enter Ava Living Concepts, an innovative line of appliances that prioritizes function over everything else. From our countertop dishwashers, cordless electric mops, to mini clothes dryers, Ava’s pieces have a masterful approach to convenience, durability, and style.

Imagine catching up with your kids after school while your laundry is safely tumbling dry in your Ava disinfection dryer; or watching a family movie while your plates and pans are loaded in the Ava countertop dishwasher — nothing beats the feeling and assurance that your family is taken care of.

Our low carb steam rice cooker boasts of starch extraction technology, leaving your rice with only the vital nutrients; our disinfection dryers fit snugly into condominium and studio-type units, and have triple UV sterilization capabilities. Our dishwashers ensure food safety for every meal—be it the mini, freestanding, and countertop variant.

High-performance and easy-to-operate, these appliances simplify your day-to-day routine and empower you to have a well-managed home.  The careful selection of appliances also shows how curated and therefore, specialized, the line is.

Chances are, there are already existing appliances in your home. Still, there is that tendency to treat them as fixtures rather than your lifesaver from labor-intensive house chores. Ava’s Living Concepts have been developed for more than 15 years to be at your service in terms of quality and movability. But more than the functionality, Ava appliances will hold its value over the next few years. 


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