Back to basics with this not-so-basic rice cooker

Low-carb Steam Rice Cooker The rise of wearable devices has gained significant traction over the past few years but fitness doesn’t end with pedometers and smart watches. Real health goes beyond movement but also holistically starts at home: what goes into your diet and how you prepare your food.

In most Asian households, rice is a staple for every meal, and it’s a huge component you want to cut back on when you’re health conscious. However, rice substitutes do not give you the same satisfaction. With Ava’s low-carb steam rice cooker, you get the same taste, with none of the starch.  

The truth is when you eat rice, you also eat plenty of unnecessary sugar and while it is still a vital part of your diet, you can get your dose of sugar from fruits and bread. 

Ava’s low-carb steam rice cooker is equipped with de-sugaring technology that reduces your rice’s sugar by up to 33%, calories by 49%, and carbohydrates by 49%. This makes it kinder to your digestive system because it concentrates your food into what’s important: the nutrients.

Our brilliant fusion of health and technology makes our low-carb rice cookers a notch above others which limits your cooking one-way. Designed to be multi-functional, Ava’s rice cooker gives modes for cooking white rice; red, brown, or black rice; soup and porridge; or steaming.  

If you want to maintain the same fuel that rice gives you, you don’t have to change much of your habits, you can just switch your rice cooker. Aggregating health into your home life is now just an appliance upgrade away.

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