A Cleaning Product Worth Buying — The AVA Cordless Electric Mop

Here at AVA Living we’re all about convenience and practicality. It’s about combining tasks and creating multi-purpose tools for the sake of being able to cut down the steps of a task. We strive for doing things in an efficient way — with the added bonus of doing it with finesse.

It’s innovation and style rolled into one accessible package.

Which is why, this week, we make the case for our AVA Cordless Electric Mop. A product we can guarantee you need in your everyday life. 


How much force do you exert to get a particularly stubborn stain on the floor? Expending all your energy on pushing down and trying to wipe away the stubborn dust and grime. It’s wasting strength you could probably use somewhere else. With the Cordless Electric Mop, you can follow your same cleaning routine single handedly.  No need to use both hands and arms when passing over your floors.

We also removed the need to lug your mop around since its lightweight design clocks in at just three (3) kilograms. Carrying it around will never feel like you’re doing any heavy lifting. 


Our mop’s functionality isn’t limited to just tiled surfaces. Use it for any set-up you may have whether it’s laminated, wood, marble, ceramic, cement, or any other flooring type.  Bring it to any room or floor in your household for a quick and easy clean. The best part is you don’t have to carry around a dirty bucket of water while you’re at it.

The flexi grip and tiltable angle of the mop mean you can also get into those usually hard-to-reach spaces without moving your furniture around as much. 

4-IN-1 USE

Our model can do it all: wet and dry mopping, waxing, and polishing. All made possible with its 250mL built-in water tank. It can even spray water on demand. The motorized spinning mops also ensure your quick progress from room to room. For extra convenience the handle is also adjustable, with a thirty-five (35) to forty-five inch range in length. 


There’s obviously a lot to love about the AVA Cordless Electric Mop. Its design is sleek and it’s invaluable for cleaning. It can make the chore of regularly maintaining your floors go by much quicker without making you too tired. You won’t need more than forty-five (45) minutes to get through it all. Definitely worth every piso.

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