The Perfect Kitchen Tool When Cooking For Yourself

Sometimes, cooking for one can be harder than making a meal for a group of people. IEspecially when a lot of recipes online are purposefully portioned for several servings. You want a meal fit to your prefences — make it too little and it can be unsatisfying and if you make too much you might be forced to have the same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here at Ava Living we always try to strike the perfect compromise. And this is possible through our 2 Liter Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker.

Make your life easier, comfortable, and more efficient through our Rice Cooker’s customizable settings to get your perfect dish, all cooked exactly how you like it. You can be confident in throwing all your ingredients in one place while you put your feet up and get some downtime. Plus, be able to cook a variety of different things and have it all fit inside a perfect cooking apparatus. 

So now, let’s break down our rice cooker’s many features and how its two (2) liter capacity suits your independent lifestyle. 

You can easily fit one and a half cups of low-carb rice or four and a half cups for normal rice. Whichever option you choose for yourself, you can be guaranteed that it’s steamed to perfection. It even has a LED Touch Control Panel to make inputting your specifications easier. 

They also come with seven (7) different cooking functions. This way you can really choose on how you want your food cooked. It’s even packaged with a measuring cup, rice paddle, soup spoon, inner pot, and an outer pot as well as the power cord. All the tools you need to make your different meals. 

Here’s the bonus: you get to eat healthier too. Our rice cooker unit can remove over half of your rice’s unhealthy digestive starch. It’s tried and tested by SGS International too. It also reduces the rice water which means the sugar from your rice is lessened by around 33%.

And when everything is said and done, cleaning the AVA Living Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker can be done in a cinch because of its non-stick inner coating. The last SMART functioning rice cooker you’ll ever need. 

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