Parties tend to take a lot of work and effort to set-up, but sometimes what’s even harder is taking it all down. There’s dismantling all the decorations, taking care of the trash, packing up the holiday leftovers, and of course the cleaning.

There’s also gifts to unwrap and think about on top of everything.

It’s a lot of work when all you want to do is sit back and decompress after an eventful holiday season. Especially once work starts to pick up once again it’s important to find the time to welcome the mental restart that the new year can bring. So here’s our solution to lighten your load: the AVA Living Wet and Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner.

It’s probably the lightest vacuum you’ll ever get to use, clocking in under 4 kilograms. You can move around your home easily and swiftly. Especially since it comes with a suction power of 180W. Designed to be super effective without putting in any back-breaking labor.

Vacuuming is not the only thing it can do though. Our AVA Living Wet and Dry Vacuum Floor Cleaner does the mopping and washing too! Equipped with a dual function water tank that separates the clean and dirty water. No need to refill or any extra cleaning tools. It’s a 3-in-1 packaged deal. 

Stains, spills, and any leftover litter can now be swiftly dealt with.

No more unnecessary retreading or back and forth getting all the supplies you need. Your cleaning can begin and end with our multi-purpose vacuum. The best part is all of this is possible with a simple push of a button. Navigating your home during the post-holiday mess will definitely get easier.

Even with the holidays being technically over you’ll have more time to spend on that much needed R&R.

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