AVA Dishwasher is the perfect companion for small homes

Storage is one of the biggest pain points of living in condominiums and small apartments. The limited space can be a hurdle when it comes to curating the furniture and appliances but maximizing it can easily be done with dual-purpose items such as the Ava countertop dishwasher.  

With its 17 x 17” square area and compact design, it will, not fill up your counter top and will look like a modern fixture in your kitchen. With Ava’s counter top dishwasher, you can create the stylish kitchen you’ve always wanted since small appliances always work better in bringing harmony to your interiors. 

This AVA dishwasher is perfect for small families since it can only hold four to five tableware at a time. Imagine having a full day and going home knowing that you don’t need to wash piles and piles of plates of your dishes by hand. Its different modes of cleaning make it specially equipped to wipe out grease, and remnants from food leftovers. Aside from the effective clean-up, you can store your plates, glasses, and utensils for up to 72 hours with its continuous air circulation. 

The temperature regulation also keeps your tableware from becoming brittle. Devised to be simple and useful, this dishwasher will keep your dishes and tableware will be in pristine condition.


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