Nowadays, it is not unusual to see tools or equipment that can serve a dual purpose. If you want to be a smart consumer, it’s generally considered a good practice to take advantage of your gadgets by maximizing their use.

Take a look at the specs or test out different modes and settings and see what else you can do with your home appliances. Are you using them to their full capacity? Are you making the most out of your things?

Our AVA Living Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker is one of these multi-functional appliances. It has five (5) cooking functions. Its 4L capacity has enough room to cook your rice, reheat your food, make soup or porridge, and steam your favorite side dish.

There’s a lot of ways you can utilize our rice cooker, so let’s go over some hand-picked recipes that are delicious and easy for any home or amateur cook.

Fried Rice
A low-pressure dish that’s very forgiving to the cook. Use the AVA Living Rice Cooker to cook or reheat the rice. Mix in some chopped vegetables, crack an egg, add your favorite seasoning, and even last night’s leftover dinner to make the perfect meal. Don’t forget to give everything a good mix.

Low Carb Rice
The steam method of cooking of the AVA Rice Cooker is also great for health-conscious individuals because you don’t need to use cooking oil and it can remove the unhealthy digestive starch. Thus, this reduces the sugar levels of your dish.

Homemade Ramen or Noodles
Boil some water and make your favorite noodle recipe. You can even put your own little spin to it by adding in toppings that you can enjoy. Add an egg, some sausages, a couple drops of sesame oil, and finish it off with some dried seaweed if you have some lying around. Make sure to season to taste, of course.

One of the preprogrammed settings of our rice cooker is specifically for making soup or porridge, perfect for a cold or rainy day. Or just when you’re craving something warm as a general pick-me-up. Nothing says comfort food more than rich soup with the steam still coming out.

Steamed Dumplings
Craving a side dish to go along with your fried rice or noodles? Let’s talk about dumplings. There’s a lot of different varieties to choose from. Steam up some siomai or if you’re feeling fancy maybe go all out with xiao long bao. Frozen or homemade, either is fine.

The important thing is they’re what you want to eat.

And now you have yourself a full and well-rounded meal that you can try out. Or maybe you want to search and try out some other dishes that you love. Don’t be intimidated in trying out something new, our Low Carb Rice Cooker has a well-designed and intuitive interface that will make for smooth navigation.

It’s also another way to encourage healthy eating. Especially for people looking to cut down on carbs and sugar because of how it can eliminate harmful chemicals from the food you’re cooking.

Use the seven (7) different pre-programmed settings, smart functions, or even the pre-set timer functions. Find out what works for you and maybe you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised.

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