How much water do you save with dishwashers?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Do you, in fact, save more water when you use a dishwasher? The answer is YES.
You might find yourself saying, “How’s that possible? And how much would I actually be saving?”
We’re here to give you the rundown of it all. And, hopefully, serve as a brief glimpse of what you can do to make the most out of it.


A lot of different studies have shown that an average dishwasher uses about 4 gallons (or 15 liters) per cycle, give or take. Depending on the size and mode the number could be even lower. After all, modern dishwasher designs are made to be as efficient as possible which means it uses the minimum amount of water and energy required to operate. You can trust that most dishwashers currently on the market have been developed for the specific purpose of conserving as many resources as they can.


But how does this compare to hand washing your dishes?
Typically, it’s estimated that almost 2 gallons (or around 7.5 liters) worth of water gets used up every two minutes when the dishes are done by hand.
It only takes 8 minutes of washing the dishes for it to equate to two full loads in the dishwasher. You’d have to be super conservative (and quick!) in your water usage if you want to save more water than a dishwasher. A feat that might be next to impossible if you’re cleaning a whole set worth of glasses, cutlery, and plates.


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The added benefits of a dishwasher speak for itself. You’ll have less to do and worry about after every meal which opens up your time to do other things. If you live with your family, no more fighting over whose turn is it to wash the dishes. If you live alone, you can say goodbye to the seemingly never-ending cycle of a sink that always seems to be filled with your used dishware.
It will definitely save you a lot of time and brain power that would have been used up by a repetitive task.
Plus, if you wait for your unit to reach full capacity before starting the cycle, then you can decrease your water consumption even more. And don’t bother with rinsing your dirty dishes before placing them inside. A proper dishwasher unit will have all the bases covered.


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Getting a dishwasher can literally be life-changing. Not only does it use less water it also takes less time and overall effort. There’s less involvement on your part when you have the option to put your dirty dishes in a fast and convenient way. So what are you waiting for?

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