AVA Dishwasher with FREE 1kg Dishwasher Powder Detergent



  • Product size: 430x420x450 mm
  • Package size: 530x525x580 mm (outer box)
  • Weight: G.W: 15KG, N.G:13KG
  • Power(W): 900W
  • Voltage(V): 220-240V/50HZ/60Hz
  • Capacity: 4-5 sets of tableware (standard)
  • Water Pressure: 0.03MPa-1MPa
  • Washing system: Dual high water pressure spraying
  • Control type: Touch screen controlling + LED display
  • With Dryer Fan
  • Sterilization: High Temperature
  • Water consumption: 5L
  • Water supply: with tank
  • 4 In One, washing, drying, disinfecting and storage
  • Compact with large capacity; double shelf design
  • Plates up to 11” can fit
  • Cleans effectively with dual spray system
  • Drying: Dryer Fan + Residual Temperature
  • Easy to use, Installation Free / Plug and Play
  • 5 different washing cycles: Standard (69mins), Quick (29mins), Economic (59mins),Strong (89mins), Fruit (19mins)
The AVA dishwasher is designed for easy installation. Just place it on a flat surface or counter. Plug the unit to a 220v electrical outlet. Direct the drain hose to a sink or floor drain. You are ready to start cleaning your dirty dishes and utensils.
We highly recommend using the AVA Dishwashing detergent block, or any detergent block made specially for dishwashers. Most commercial liquid dishwashing soaps produce too much bubbles that does not necessarily clean more, but in fact may overflow from the compartment.
If you prefer not to use a dishwashing block, or have a preferred liquid dishwashing soap, then yes, you can still use it. Just make sure not to use too much liquid soap for each wash. You may safely place it on “dishwashing powder / block” location.
No. The AVA Dishwasher uses normal tap water, and converts it to high temperature as needed.
Hot water during washing is at 75 deg Celsius.
Water is manually poured on the unit through an opening at the top. There is no need to connect the unit to a dedicated water supply that most large dishwashers require.
You can conveniently load 4 to 5 sets of plates, cups, mugs and saucers. The plates on the product photos are 8 inch plates, but you can load plates that are up to 11 inches if you remove the top rack.

Standard Wash : 69 mins

Quick Wash : 29 mins

Economic Wash : 139 mins

Strong Wash : 89 mins

Fruit Wash : 19 mins

  • Additional 60 mins for air blower drying.
There is a detergent compartment at the inside part of the front door.
The unit comes with a drain hose that is attached at the rear of the unit. Direct the end to a sink or drain that is at a lower level than the unit.