Everything You Need To Know About Ava Living Low Carb Steam Rice Cookers

Ever since the pandemic, consumers have grown increasingly more conscious about their health. As a result, consumers have switched to healthy alternatives with the food they buy and how they prepare it. For example, low-carb rice cookers have become a popular household appliance because it cooks rice with a lower carbohydrate content than traditional rice cookers, thus helping consumers control their blood sugar level and body weight.

THE Low Carb Steam Rice COOKER

With AVA’s Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker, cooking rice doesn’t have to be as labor intensive. It can take away more than half of the starch level of any rice grains you’re using. Our rice cooker can separate the rice water from your rice while cooking.
The result? It shows that the cooked batches of rice came out with significantly reduced carbohydrate content. Aside from that, there is also a decrease in the total number of calories and sugar. So it’s an indispensable tool in the kitchen! Our AVA Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker is an ideal solution for everyone trying to control their blood sugar and people who have diabetes or are prone to getting it. It’s also great for seniors or even people just looking to cut down on carbs
Low Carbohydrate rice cooker


Basic utilitarian rice cookers usually have two modes: Cook and Keep Warm. The Ava Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker gets more specific with seven (7) pre-programmed settings for cooking different types of rice.
It can cook plain rice, brown or mixed rice, Low Carb Steam Rice, soup or porridge, steam wash, steam cooking, and it has a Keep Warm function.
The design is also practical and stylish, which can fit any kitchen setup. For example, you can choose which smart function suits you best with a single press of its LED Touch Buttons.


Your Ava Rice Cooker can start cooking whenever you want. It’s ready to go when you need it to, so you can establish a consistent routine that will reinforce your healthy eating habits.
It has a programmable timer that can make your rice simultaneously every day. So if you want rice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then you have the power to do that! You’ll be looking like a professional home cook in no time.
Low Carbohydrate rice cooker


Our rice cooker promotes healthier living without the extra effort and hassle. It has been developed to cook each grain inside the steam chamber while the discarded rice water goes to detachable storage for quick disposal or usage. When you’re cleaning, you don’t have to worry about the rice sticking to the bottom or sides. For our 2L rice cooker, there’s also no need to soak the pot after using it since it’s non-stick for trouble-free cleaning.
So if you’re looking to change things at home health-wise, then our Ava Low Carb Steam Rice Cooker is just the thing for you! Check them out here! We promise that you’re not going to regret it.

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